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Our Background

Dapi group Investment - Africa Asset management CompanyDapi group is a group of companies’ network operating in the glob with the Head office situated in Dubai –UAE.

It was created   for the contribution of future Economy growth of the DRC Congo and the global poverty reduction programs, by creating a multi National Win Win business platform from the provision resources given in Congo by the LORD of the world himself.  DAPIGROUP team is focused on the services in the countries in need of development by working hand to hand with Privates and Governments organizations in the Glob on  Marketing and development research , high ways constructions, rail ways renovations, the establishment and implementation of project and programs that will generate domestic income, export income and import income in the areas of agriculture, eco-tourism, housing, medical services with quality  medicines products and equipment, mining, power transportation, telecommunication, water and sewer, Social upliftment by providing excellent Services ,while at the same time increasing business opportunities.Dapi group Investment – Best investment Management Company in Africa

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Our Vision

Create the largest privately owned Business Economic Empowerment strategic investment vehicle in the UAE by investing in the development of business, Human education, Health, fighting global poverty, connecting the Islamic world to other religions by creating global network job gates on promoting peace and love on earth trough Islam education and other commercial interests between UAE, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA for the global spirit of the Union.

Our Values

  • We deliver to promise
  • We have unity of purpose
  • We are partners
  • We invest responsibly

Our Group of Companies

Dapi Group Investment

Dapi group investment is a company which engages in Banking and Financing, Asset Management ( forest Asset,gold mines Asset,Lands asset,Copper asset,Properties Assets),Asset Read More

Dapigem Mineral and Commerce

Dapi Mining is a joint-stock company engaged in Copper Mining,Titanium Mining,Gold Mining,Iron, Metal Scrap Supplying and Timber Supply.

Dapi Investment Bank

Dapi Investment Bank is our future banking system for commercial and investment Activities it was specially created to support agriculture, mining and Read More

Dapi Oil

Dapi Oil Company involves in petroleum Products,Crude Oil LPG Gas, Lubricants supply ,Import and Export Oil rig and Exploration

Our Partners

Dapi group Investment - Best investment Management Company in Africa


Earth’s precious natural resources are plentiful yet the bounty to obtain the commodities of the World has led to a situation of hardship for some of the Earth’s diamondiferous and mineral rich areas. According to recent data attained from the USGS Earth- Based Monitoring Program, the best means to achieve resource sustenance and technological development is to prevent the wholesale exploitation of Earth’s Resources in a retrogressive manner. Much of the material of the Earth shall be preserved for future generations to review, utilize, and endeavor to build a foundational future with……….

 President and Managing Partners Mwalim Issa Ndangi Mansilulu

President and Managing Partners Mwalim Issa Ndangi Mansilulu

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Our strategy is to build the leading Africa-focused financial services organisation using our competitive advantage to the full

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We offer a totally new way of Financial Investment Approach


We offer a flexible service and we approach our Projects with you in mind, and your project at the the forefront of every decision.



Our innovative team focuses on wow factor and practically whist always thinking of minimising maintenance requirement


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 we have a proven track record of offering bespoke schemes tailored to our clients’ budgets.


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Latest News

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Our Head Office – Almas Tower Dubai

Dapi’s total asset valued amounts to USD 2.7 Billion

Dapi group Investment – Africa Asset management Company

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